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Our travel mistakes

August 2, 2016


 Everyone gets so excited when your about to start a holiday, they call it the holiday brain for a reason right? We forget things or don't take things into account and this can lead to the most silly mistakes when your travelling. We've made a few so far...

Packing too much                                                                                                                                          

We both have too many clothes and as we are travelling in hot and cold countries it was hard to decide what to take with us, so of course we packed too much. Dani’s bag was 13kg but Danielle’s was 17kg way too heavy. We have only worn the clothes that we are comfortable in so half the stuff we have packed hasn’t been used. Luckily we are going back to Dani’s so the plan is to drop most of it off at hers and travel more comfortably.        


Arriving to hotels too early

Its sounds like a good idea to arrive at a hotel as early as possible so you can make the most of the place your visiting, but it’s not so fun when your grumpy from getting up at 3am to catch a flight. We made this mistake in Cartagena, we arrived to the hotel at 8am and check in was 1pm (we were lucky as it was supposed to be at 3pm) it was so hot and we were tired but had to find something to keep us occupied for 5hrs. Note to self, arrive as close to check in time as possible.


Spending too much money in fancy restaurants

We love to try new food and we aren’t used to having to budget, so at first we were choosing restaurants that were charging too much. Our big spender was Cartagena, we found an amazing Argentinian restaurant, we ordered too much and it cost us too much. OK compared to the prices in the UK it was too expensive but for what we should have been spending we were being silly. It’s great to try new food in new places and its easy to get carried away in the moment but stick within your budget, what we spent in that one night could have got us another night in a hostel.


Booking hotels/hotels that don’t have free cancellation

Booking.com is a great way to book hotels and they sometimes offer a free cancellation policy. When we first started planning for the trip we were naive in thinking that the plan we made then would remain the same, we couldn’t have been more wrong. At the beginning we just booked any hotel we liked the look of, now as our plans evolved we needed to change dates or cancel places and because we didn’t check the cancellation policy we were stuck with two very expensive hotels that ideally we would like to have cancelled. Check the cancellation policy, the more flexible they are the better for you.


Not thinking about insurance

For Danielle insurance was easy, but for Dani it wasn’t so. We thought that it would be around the same cost Danielle had paid but again we were wrong. Dani’s insurance was $480 a lot more than Danielle paid and we didn’t account for that in our budget. Think of everything whilst your planning, try to think of what extra costs could pop up.


Taxi prices

We now use Uber a lot as we know the price before we get in the taxi and it’s a safer option. We have previously got in taxis and not asked the price before we get it, typical, stupid mistake which ended up costing us more that it should have.


Booking bus tickets

If there is a specific bus company you would like to travel with try to book in advance. We made this mistake at the beginning, Dani wanted to travel with one bus company and turning up to the bus terminal 30 minutes before the last departure to find out that the bus was fully booked wasn’t a great start to our travels. Of course we manged to find another company, but if you’re going on a long journey and want to ensure your comfort book your tickets before travelling.


We think that making mistakes is part of the experience, every time we make a mistake we learn from it and for sure we wont do it again. We are sure this list will get longer, but as it does we will let you know so you can avoid some of the mistakes we made or maybe you could share some of your mistakes in the comments below.


Bon Voyage






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