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Food & Drink we loved in Colombia

August 12, 2016



Before we started to travel Dani would constantly complain about the food & drink at work, ‘it’s not the same as Colombian food’, ‘My food tastes so much better’ or the favourite ‘this isn’t real juice’ these were regular sentences that Danielle heard on a daily basis. But it wasn’t until Danielle came to Colombia she understood Dani’s complaining. The food in Colombia is amazing!!!


My first Colombian drink, Lulada

Danielle would buy cordial when we were working and she would enjoy it, Dani didn’t enjoy it so much. One of the first things we did when Danielle arrived was try one of the typical drinks from Cali, Lulada, and it was beautiful. This drink looks disgusting but looks are deceiving. The drink is made from the fruit lulo, lemon, water, sugar and ice, it tastes a bit like kiwi but tastier.


As we started with drinks lets continue…



Colombia is a tropical country; it doesn’t have seasons so can grow amazing fruit all year round. Every time we go to take dinner whether its in a restaurant or in a local’s house fresh juice accompanies our meal. There are so many different flavours, mango, orange, mandarin, one of our favourites is maracuyá, its passion fruit juice and its delicious, if you see it on the menu please order it. When you order your juices they will ask if you want it in milk or water, Dani’s favourite is with milk and Danielle’s with water.



Colombia is famous for its coffee and even though Dani doesn’t drink it she says it’s the best in the world. Danielle does love her coffee and the Colombia coffee is amazing. Everywhere sells it so make sure you grab a cup.


Hot chocolate with cheese

Yes, you read it right hot chocolate and cheese, it was a strange sentence when Danielle first heard it too. Danielle first heard about this drink on the ships and needed to try it. It is oddly nice.


Most of you will have heard about Colombia’s nightlife, so with the nightlife comes the alcohol…



The most popular party drink in Colombia is Aguardiente, every state has a different brand of the drink but it all does the same, gets you drunk. Danielle compared it to Sambuca but Dani doesn’t agree. How do you drink it? You shot it, yes straight shots all night long. If you’re drinking with someone nice they might order a bottle of water to go with your shots if not you’re on your own.



Canelazo, is a hot drink with alcohol typically drank in the colder parts of Colombia, its popular in Bogota. It’s made from aguapanela (which is made from sugarcane), cinnamon and aguardiente. We had this whilst watching the sunset at Monserrate as it was getting cold, this drink really heats you up.



This isn’t one of our favourite drinks, Danielle tried it once and won’t be trying it again. So we didn’t like it but it very typical in Colombia, the locals love it and it comes from their ancestors. There are lots of different variations of the drink but the most popular is made from rice, sugar, cloves, water and cinnamon. This liquid is then fermented over a long period of time.


Now let’s talk about the food…



Dani is obsessed with this soup, when asking her what it was before coming to Colombia she explained it was made from seven different types of potato, Danielle was amazed, was there even seven different types of potatoes in the world? It was all a delusion it’s made from three different types of potato, chicken, corn, guasca and a lot of cream. Because this soup had become so famous in our conversations Dani’s family made it for us shortly after we arrived in Colombia. It’s really tasty, most traditional restaurants will offer it.



Bandeja Paisa

This is a big dish that contains lot of different ingredients, red beans, fried egg, rice, minced beef, chirzo, morcilla (black pudding), avocado, mini arepa, pork crackling, plantain and salad. It sounds like a lot but it’s amazing, Danielle hasn’t managed to finish a whole dish yet but of course the food monster, Dani has. If you ask anyone in Colombia what food you should try this dish is what they will tell you.


Trucha al ajillo

This dish is famous in the coffee area, Eje Catero. We tried this after horse riding in Salento and it is so good. Trucha is trout and ajillo is garlic, so its trout in garlic sauce. If you’re in the area try it.



Danis explanation of Arepa – Arepa is just arepa.

Most Colombians will eat arepas every day, mainly for breakfast but it can be eaten at any time of the day. So what is it? It’s made from ground maize. Arepas are typically eaten with cheese but you can really add anything. In the Caribbean they have a fried egg inside, in Medellin they are made a lot thinner, but our favourite is arepa con todo which means arepa with everything; chicken, beef, pork crackling and sauces. For sure you will try some kind of arepa whilst in Colombia, you won’t have a choice.



This was one of the first things Danielle tried once arriving, they sell empanadas in every corner of Colombia and every time you buy one it will be different, every place that sells them has their own recipe.  The best ones we have had are extra crispy and come with a variety of sauces that Dani always steals.



Patacón is fried plantain normally this comes with a tomato and onion sauce. Danielle isn’t so keen on these but the Colombians love them.



Colombia is the only country in South America that has two oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic so the seafood in Colombia is amazing.




This is a sweet that is mainly sold on street stalls, it’s a big wafer filled with caramel sauce, creamand much more. Its messy but worth it.


There are so many dishes to try this is only a small number of things we think you need to try. Ask any of the locals or the restaurant staff and they will always point you in the right direction.


Bon appetite.



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