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10 things they don’t tell you about travelling

October 6, 2016


When we think of travelling we think of beaches, cocktails and exploring new places but nobody talks about the things that go wrong or the boring tasks that take place during your travels. Here our list of th#1. Arriving in a new city means finding the nearest laundry ings nobody told us before we started travelling.

#1. Arriving in a new city means finding the nearest laundry

Ok so we know that we need to wash clothes, but what we didn’t know was how quick clean clothes become dirty clothes. Carrying dirty clothes around in a backpack isn’t easy especially when you can only just clip the bag shut. So one of our first adventures when arriving to a new, city, town or village is ‘where is the nearest laundry’. We have visited many laundry’s during our time in South America, from the pizza serving laundry in Cartagena, Colombia to the 2day earliest service in Arequipa, Peru.


#2. Deciding where to eat becomes a life changing decision

This is something we are both terrible at. This one? No this one? Maybe this one? We could walk past 10 different restaurants and hours could pass before we actually make a decision. What we learnt is always go with your first choice its normally right.


#3. You will fight with you travel companion

They say you never really know someone until you have travelled with them and its true. Luckily we met travelling so we knew we would be ok, but we still bickered, argued and screamed at each other over the smallest things. We accepted that it was going to happen and 10 minutes after we would normally have forgotten about it. You get tired and stressed and the smallest thing like not knowing where to buy garlic becomes the worst thing they have ever done.


#4. Some days you won’t what to do anything

Your alarm will go off at 7am and in your mind you will jump out of bed and get excited for the day you planned exploring but sometimes you’ll just turn the alarm off and go back to sleep. Travelling isn’t like a normal holiday, its tiring and honestly it’s draining, sometimes you will want to lie in bed, sit in front of the TV or spend an extra day laying on the beach doing nothing instead of exploring and its ok. Travelling is your journey and it’s important that you relax as well as explore.


#5. You will start to miss carpets

OK Danielle missed the carpets, waking up in cold Cusco and standing on a tiled floor couldn’t be further away from the fluffy, warm carpets of Manchester. So you might not miss carpets but you might miss your mums cooking, watching football or everything being on your doorstep. But remember in these moments all these things are back home waiting for your return, they aren’t going anywhere.


#6. You will eventually search for supermarkets

You might realise your spending faster than you expected or you might just miss cooking, so you will need a supermarket. This must seem like an easy task, but not always. You will always find small shops but locating a supermarket can be somewhat difficult and even when a local kindly directs you to their local supermarket it probably won’t be what you expect.


#7. Some places you visit won’t be worth the trip

We all research the places and trips we want to do along our travels but sometimes that place you have been imagining for months turns out to be nothing like you thought, in fact you may wish that you never bothered. Pictures are deceiving and a good photographer can make anywhere look like a paradise. My example was La Paz, I was really looking forward to our time there more so than any of our other plans of course it’s a city you have to visit after all it’s the capital of Bolivia. But would I recommend you to go to Bolivia just to see La Paz or would I visit again…No. Some people will love some places but you might add them to the miss list.  


#8. You will get ripped off

You are a tourist; they see you coming with that huge backpack. They will charge you double and you won’t realise till you get the ticket with the remarkably cheaper price stamped onto it, they will tell you lies and you won’t know the truth until you have already paid and your well on the way, its ok, its part of traveling and it will become part of your story.


#9. Showering in cold water becomes a normality

This we struggled with, at first we didn’t shower unless we had hot water, but there is only so long you can go without showering before people start to avoid you. The hotels will tell you they have hot water, the site will say they have hot water but when you step under that shower head there will most likely be no hot water and there’s nothing you can do about it.


#10. You will wear the same clothes for weeks

For most of you packing will include some big decisions, how may shorts do I take, do I take that extra jumper? Half of the things you pack will only get used on rare occasions and you will wear the same two tops and shorts for the majority of the trip. When you’re travelling you want to be comfortable and that isn’t really what you packed. And even if you did manage to become a master packer and you wear all the clothes you packed, you have months with only a few outfits eventually you will hate them all.


Did we miss something off our list? Did you have a travel experience that no one could prepare you for...share with us.



Bon Voyage

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