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Steph May

November 21, 2016

Ex cruise ship worker Steph shares her stories from sailing the seas and the places she discovered along the way.


1.What’s your best travel experience?

My best travel experience is probably the cruise ship in general meeting new people from different countries and cultures and seeing all the different places we docked every day. Overall the best experience all together as a whole!


2. What’s your worst travel experience?

My worst travel experience was probably when the lifeboat accident happened onboard the majesty. Makes you realise you never know what’s around the corner and life’s too short not to enjoy yourself. If you want a dessert you get a dessert if you want another vodka you get another vodka! Just showed how much respect and love all the crew had for each other and how everyone supported each other in such a hard time, seeing grown men from different countries crying on each other’s shoulders, not something I’d like to happen again or wish on anyone


3. What’s the most unusual food you have tasted?

The most unusual food I’ve tasted! This is a hard one because I’m quite a fussy eater as it is. Probably Filipino style fish in a restaurant in Kusadasi as I’m not a big fish eater and every time we went I said no no no and put it off then one day I thought I’d have a go and I tasted it and actually really liked the little fish with the skin and bones still on

I can’t really think of any other funny things.


4. Where should we visit next?

The place I think you should visit next is Yorkshire, God's capital, brilliant shopping, nightlife and beaches and legends live there, like me! Jokesss

I think you should go somewhere where people over look and it’s not a popular place to visit for a holiday. Maybe like deepest darkest Africa and sleep in a treehouse next to lions and giraffes


5. Where is the best place you’ve visited?

The best place I’ve visited! This is another hard one as I’ve visited so many nice places id never dream of going to. Aruba in the Caribbean is absolutely stunning and Dubrovnik in Croatia is breath taking! Also, Iceland is amazing with so many things to do and see


6. Where do you want to visit next?

There’s a few places on my list to visit next top of that list is Hawaii but I know that’s a future dream not something I can just click my fingers n get to I’d also like to do a tour of Asia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia etc.


7. How did you start to travel?

I’ve always loved to travel from an early age as my family were always taking me on holidays whether it be to France and Spain caravanning to Greece and America obviously, hoteling!

So, you can say from an early age id had the travel bug but I think I definitely got bit by the bug when I was in college as I had an opportunity to do a 2 week work placement in a kids club in a hotel in Santa Ponsa, Majorca and I loved it. From there I was offered a 3 month job over the summer which was amazing. Then after college I got a job onboard cruise ships which made me want to see every corner of the world after seeing places I didn’t even know existed!


8. What’s your favourite beach?

Dickenson’s Bay, Antigua. Its beautiful, white sand, aqua colour clear water, water sports, people coming round selling stuff, drinks, Caribbean food like roti’s and fridge magnets. Its beautiful.


9. What’s you most embarrassing travel story?

My most embarrassing travel story I can think of is when we were in Split in Croatia. We hired a pedalo with a slide on and we started pedalling to the open water to only get caught in the rip of the water and it pulled us further and further out and toward some big rocks, I thought it was going to be a recreation of titanic! Anyway, we were pedalling and pedalling and getting nowhere and 1 by 1 everyone started to jump off and swim to shore kicking and screaming. 2 minutes later we got rescued by a jet ski and he told 1 person to stay on and pedal while everyone else swam to shore so I took one for the team I said free yourselves I’ll take this one. When we finally got back to shore we look up and there were about 5 restaurants full of passengers from our ship howling with laughter and clapping when we all got back safely!


10. Which place took you by surprise?

A place that took me by surprise was definitely Croatia. It’s just beautiful! The scenery, the beaches, the people and it was so cheap too!


11. Where wouldn’t you return?

A place I would not revisit is probably Morocco. I didn’t feel safe although it probably was and I didn’t like the fact people were trying to get you into their shops and taxis but very aggressively


12. Do you have any travel regrets?

I don’t have any travel regrets yet just travel wishes where I hope go in the future. I’ve done everything and more I could possibly dream or going at 24 years old


13. Have you made a travel lifelong friend?

No, I wouldn’t say I’ve made a travel lifelong friend I’ve made a travel lifelong family. There’s so many people from not only UK but the world that I’m close to now and that’s just through travelling! No matter how far away you are from each other or how long you don’t see each other when u meet up its like you’ve never been apart

It amazing really when you think about it!


14. Have you fallen in love on your travels?

Have I fallen in love while travelling? With travelling and cities? Definitely. With people? Next question please.


15. What is your favourite travel photograph


16. What was your longest flight?

My longest flight was 9 and a half hours to Orlando, America. I went to see Mickey Mouse I loved it, I’m booked again for 2017 and yes I am 24.


17. Where do you think you will settle?

I think I’ll settle in my hometown of Leeds, UK. As long as I can still have holidays and travel anywhere I want I’m sure I’ll be happy to come home to Leeds.


18. Do you think you will ever stop travelling?

I don’t think I’ll ever stop travelling.

Once you’ve got the travel bug it’s so hard to get rid of. There’s so many places to see and there’s definitely a big list of places to see. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Even when I’m dead my soul won’t stay in one place I’ll be flying and travelling but this time it will be for free!


19. What is your favourite travel quote?

I have a few favourite travel quotes but I think the main one is life is a journey not a destination!

Just because you was born in 1 place doesn’t mean to say you can’t leave and try different things, if you weren’t meant to travel there wouldn’t be planes, trains and hotels! Life’s a journey hold on tight and enjoy the ride bitches


20. What piece of advice would you give to a new traveller?

The best piece of advice I could give to a new traveller is just do it!  No ifs no buts no coconuts! Go out get them memories

What story are you going to tell your grandkids when they asked what you did when you were younger? Well everyday I woke up had a bowl of cornflakes went to work made teas and coffees came home watched coronation street then went to bed?? Hell, no!!! I wrestled with lions in Africa, snorkelled in the Caribbean, snowmobiled in Antarctica and got pissed salsa danced and slept in a gutter in Guatemala!!


Name: Steph May

Blog or Occupation: Passenger Service in the airport now, used to be chief kids host on cruise ships

Location: Leeds, UK


Bon Voyage

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