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Holly Moreton

January 22, 2017


Having worked in the Travel Industry for years Holly has seen many different countries. Now slightly obsessed with the USA read about her adventures.


1. What’s your best travel experience?

Grand Canyon


2. What’s your worst travel experience?

I dont really have any worst travel experiences, there are things I would do differently


3. What’s the most unusual food you have tasted?

I don’t really try unusual foods as live on burgers and pizzas, however in Australia I did try Crocodile


4. Where should we visit next?

I would love you to tour America in a campavan!


5. Where is the best place you’ve visited?

Las Vegas


6. Where do you want to visit next?



7. How did you start to travel?

Went to Gran Canaria for my 16th birthday, first travel experience , then fell in love with it, have not stopped since!

 10. Where would you not revisit?

Tunisia, Egypt , Prague


9. What’s you most embarrassing travel story?

No real embarrassment, the first time I went to Mexico I ordered Chips... and got crisps... thats about as bad as it gets!!!


10. Which place took you by surprise?

LA, I heard so many bad things about it, however it exceeded my expectations, and I have visited 3 times so far and plan to go back next year


11. Where wouldn’t you return?

New York through choice, I have been 5 times and it always fails to expire me, with that said I am booked to go next year as I am going on a cruise that departs from there!


12. Do you have any travel regrets?

Not travelling more when I was younger, I wish I had taken a year out to go and explore

I am making up for it now though!


13. Have you made a travel lifelong friend?

I have made many friends through travelling and working in the industry.


14. Have youfallen in love on your travels?

 I wish!!!!


15. What is your favourite travel photograph?

so hard to pick...

 16. What was your longest flight?

 Australia , Melbourne


17. Where do you think you will settle?

If I can it would be West Coast USA


18. Do you think you will ever stop travelling?


 19. What is your favourite travel quote?

Don’t let your dreams be dreams ….....


20. What piece of advice would you give to a new traveller?

Research, I sign up to lots of travel blogs to get hints and tips, and always keep a journal of highlights


Name: Holly Moreton        

Blog or Occupation: Divisional Coach Virgin Holidays

Location: North England


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