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January 22, 2017


Travel Blogger Keri truely has the travel bug, with Philippines, Egypt and Cambodia already ticked off the list she has plenty of advice to share.


1. What’s your best travel experience?

I’ve had some amazing ones, a lot would be trips I’ve taken for work – my first time in Tokyo, visiting Pixar Studios in San Francisco and going island hopping in the Philippines. I’m well aware how lucky I’ve been!


2. What’s your worst travel experience?

Staying in a hostel in Cairo – my first and last hostel experience. The ‘shower’ was a tank taped to the wall that went hot and cold every 5 seconds and we were at the top of a dingy looking tower block. I didn’t enjoy Cairo at all – only time I’ve ever rearranged a flight to come home early!


3. What’s the most unusual food you have tasted?

Durian icecream maybe? I’ve never been brave enough to try the actual fruit yet though lol!


4. Where should we visit next?

Anywhere in SE Asia – it’s the best! Amazing weather, food, people and beaches. What’s not to love?!


5. Where is the best place you’ve visited?

Can’t pick one country but SE Asia in general – see above! ;)


6. Where do you want to visit next?

I’m currently obsessed with Greenland, but can’t find decently priced flights at the mo.


7. How did you start to travel?

My mum sent me off to spend a month living with a cousin in Michigan over the summer whne I was 15. It was amazing getting to live like an American tean for a month! I got to experience so much and the bug began then!


I got very ill with an extensive blood clot when I was 22 and was told I might not ever get to fly again. I fought to get myself well enough to fly again, starting with a short 2 hr flight, and getting longer year on year – for the 10th anniversary of my clot I flew to NZ – the other side of the world. That illness made me more determined than ever to see the world.


8. Where would you not revisit?

Cairo – I felt uncomfortable the entire time I was there sadly.


9. What’s you most embarrassing travel story?

Falling over whilst trying to wrangle with my tights on an asian style toilet!


10. Which place took you by surprise?

Warsaw – I had no preconceptions as it was a destination chosen by my stepkids for our summer trip. It was so green, full of history and diverse districts, it was a really beautiful city!


11. Do you have any travel regrets?

Not taking the opportunity to study for a year in Canada when I was at Uni. My bf at the time made me feel guilty about leaving him and so I stayed. What an idiot!


12. Have you made a travel lifelong friend?

I hope so in my partner – he’d only visited Europe before we got together. Ten years later and I’ve created a travel loving monster!


13. Have you fallen in love on your travels?

I fall in love with my partner all over again every time we travel. Getting away from the hum drum of day to day life makes everything super special and brings out the best in both of us.


14. What is your favourite travel photograph?

It changes all the time, but at the moment it’s this one from my recent trip to Cambodia – introducing Koh Ker!


17. What was your longest flight?

Overall, with a change, it was getting from Vietnam to the UK. Sooooooo long!


18. Where do you think you will settle?

While I work Im based in the UK, but we already have plans to retire in SE. We just can’t decide on where yet!


19. Do you think you will ever stop travelling?



20. What is your favourite travel quote?

Don’t actually think I have one.


20. What piece of advice would you give to a new traveller?

Do your research and say yes to all opportunities!



Name: Keri

Blog or Occupation: Ladies What Travel


Location: SE UK



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