3 Days in Paris

January 25, 2017


For some unknown reason, since we met Paris has been a city that was calling us. We knew the city to be an expensive tourist destination, so for some time we put it off. Deciding where to go this winter Daniela wanted to see the snow so whilst we were in Europe we decided to spend 3 days in the beautiful city, Paris.


We arrived to Paris from Barcelona on an Easy Jet flight at midday. Normally when we travel we like to do it via land but by plane was obviously fastest and surprisingly cheaper, so we decided to fly.


Wanting to make the most of our time in Paris we decided to plan our days, which is unusually organised for us. So, we took our city map and grouped the sights we wanted to see into days and there we had it, our 3-day plan. Luckily, we had a list of must dos from our friend who had just returned from the city.


Day 1

Nearest to our hotel was Sacré Cœur, the basilica of the sacred heart of Paris, located at the top of the Montmarte Hill not only was this building a beautiful surprise but its location gives you amazing views over the city. The walk up what seems like hundreds of steps, will greet you with a stunning sight, the church stands proud at the top of the hill surrounded by beauty. You can also visit inside the church free of charge. We hadn’t heard of the church before our friend of suggested we visit and we are glad we did.

Located at the bottom on the church are your typical tourist shops and stalls, if you are on a budget there of lots of cheap food stalls here to grab something whilst you’re on the go.

 Next on our list was the Arc de Triomphe, to get here from Sacré Cœur we took the Metro for €1.90 to the nearest Metro station is Charles de Gaulle Etoile. As soon as you exit the station you will see the Arc de Triomphe. Getting a great shot of the Arc turned out to be quite difficult, the traffic meant getting that perfect shot was near enough impossible. Tourists were queuing in the middle of the traffic and jumping into the street between red lights trying to get ‘the’ shot. Admittedly it wasn’t our best piece of photography.

 Due to our amazing planning, we knew that nearby was the Trocadero, not really knowing what Trocadero was, off we went. Arriving to Trocadero we knew why our friend had sent us here, turning the corner off the main street we were greeted with an amazing view of the Eiffel tower across the River Seine, the perfect selfie spot. We accidently got there at the exact right time, the sun was just starting to go down and the sky was full of beautiful colours.

 From here was made our way towards the Eiffel Tower, before arriving to Paris we tried to buy tickets to go to the top of the tower or even to the second floor, but seemed all tickets had sold out, slightly disappointed we decided to see if we could buy the tickets on the day. It was around 5 o’clock when we arrived to the tower and there were no tickets offices open. Again, we were disappointed but decided to stick around and watch the tower light up after darkness. The tower is surrounded by a park which makes a great surrounding to watch the world go by.

 For 5 hours in the city we had done quite well, another €1.90 on the metro back to our hotel.


Day 2

Our initial plan wasn’t to go to Euro Disney but once we started our European adventure Daniela got the idea in our head. So, we started exploring how we could get the tickets as cheap as possible and believe or not we found the best price with Disney themselves. As we were going on a Friday we were able to get a cheaper ticket, the MINI 1 day / 2 parks ticket which is only £36.00. The conditions are you have to choose a specific day and they day must be between Monday-Friday. Buying the exact ticket once you arrive at the park will set you back €90pp


Getting to Disneyland was easier than we expected, we used the Metro to get to Les Halles which again cost €1.90, from Les Halles we took a direct train to the park for €7.50. The park station is directly in front of the train station. During the winter months, the park opens 10.00 – 19.00, we were ready to run around like children for opening time.


As we were on a budget we had to really restrain ourselves from going crazy in the hundreds of shops around the park. In another attempt to save money we brought a pack lunch for during our day, but another fail as it was so cold!!! We just wanted to sit inside and warm our bones for a few minutes so we caved and went to a park restaurant. We choose what we thought would be the cheapest option, a fast food burger bar. We ordered 2 meals which included, burgers, fries, a coke and dessert for €24 for both of us.


I won’t tell you every detail of our day here but what I will say if you have to stay till the very end to enjoy the parades and shows after the rides close.


Day 3

Our last day in Paris meant we had a busy ahead of us and a lot to tick off our list.


First on our list was the world’s largest museum, The Louvre. Our favourite way of transport in the city, the Metro cost us another €1.90 and took us directly to the museum. Now we must confess we aren’t really museum tourists, but as this was one of the most famous museum’s in the world, we couldn’t miss it. We bought a basic ticket for €15 but if you would like some more information then there is the €20 ticket which includes an audio guide. This museum is huge!!! Honestly, we were lost here, being our usual unorganised selves, we didn’t plan what we wanted to see apart from the Mona Lisa. We started to make our way around but eventually we gave in and headed straight to the Mona Lisa, finding a few pieces that intrigued us along the way. If you really want to explore we would suggest planning ahead or getting a guide.

 Close by to the Louvre is the Pont de Arts Bridge, this is where you used to find the padlocks of lovers from around the world, now the locks are located nearby but not on the bridge itself anymore. Here you can get a great view of the Seine River and it’s also the way to The Notre Dame.

 Entrance to The Notre Dame is free but if you want a close up look at the gargoyles or a look around the museum the entry is €5, we didn’t pay the extra and inside the church is just as beautiful as the outside.

 Again because of lack of planning we missed out on visiting the Shoah Museum, the Holocaust Museum. During our map planning we discovered the Shoah Museum is close by to The Notre Dame. What we didn’t consider is that day 3 was a Saturday and of course the memorial was closed. So, it remains on our to do list.

 Our Conclusion…


Paris definitely lived up to our expectations, we had an amazing 2 days in the freezing cold January. Will we return? Yes, we will explore more in the summer months.


Thank you Paris.


Bon Voyage



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