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Lucy Simpson

January 26, 2017

Serial traveller, Lucy has recently settled in the UK but this hasn’t stopped her flying around the world. With plenty of countries under her belt, from Australia to Peru read about her adventures.



1. What’s your best travel experience?

This is a hard one as i am blessed to have visited many places - I've thought about this the most i can't pick one experience out - so it would be out of going on your first ever girls holiday no parents, New York & Vegas for my 21st, Australia, meeting new people from all walks of lives, learning cultures and local languages (not that I'm good) and telling your stories, the list goes on....


2. What’s your worst travel experience?

When I was in Peru trekking up

mache Picchu we decided after day one we would go on a mountain bike trek so we were going down this mountain, boys being boys they are went zooming ahead when they came to a sharp bend making everyone brake, the lady in front of me totally braked really hard and my bike went flying into hers, meaning me going flying in the air over my handle bars and landing on my right shoulder and knocking myself out...I'm lucky I never killed myself they were wanting me to go to hospital but I was adamant that I was continuing my climb as this is why I came to Peru haha to this day I still have trouble with my shoulder! 


When I was working in the Caribbean, the tour company wanted to trial out a new tour for us to use- so me being me jumped to the chance - climbing up the pitons in St Lucia, this walk is no ordinary walk, there were no pathways the whole way up we were climbing up and over boulders and hanging on trees to pull ourselves up, the altitude was so high I don't know how I made it! But we did... right to the top! It's good to say that this tour did not meet health and safety standards haha! 

 3. What’s the most unusual food you have tasted?

Cockroaches & scorpions in Thailand and witchetty grub in Australia 


4. Where should we visit next? 

Well you like to explore and get lost - so I would definately recommend Reyjavik in Iceland- but not in the summer when it's green. Go when it's cold and snowy! It's beautiful and freezing but makes the experience so much more! 


5. Where is the best place you’ve visited?

I said it from day one and it hasn't changed- it has to be Bali - it has something for everyone, it's just beautiful! 


6. Where do you want to visit next?

I have a massive bucket list and trying to work through! I would love to visit the phillipines or Japan and I really want to visit Finland and stay in an igloo 😛


7. How did you start to travel?

Well I would say i travelled at a young age with my family, then going on holiday with friends when I was 16, and then went on to study Tourism with travel and studied Thailand & Australia. 

From there I worked for Thomas Cook and I can still remember it was a day in November and I was starring into space and I turned to my friend and said 'I'm bored you fancy taking a year out and going travelling for a year, Australia' the rest was adventure.... I've never looked back x

 8. What’s your favourite beach?

I love the beaches in the Caribbean oh and the beaches in Egypt are pretty impressive also.

9. What’s you most embarrassing travel story?

Haha I can remember i was in Sydney, Australia.  I had been on a diet and I was wearing a short denim skirt, I turned to walk away from the assistant when my skirt fell to the floor! Mortified I picked my skirt up and ran.....haha! 


10. What place took you by surprise? 

Lima, Peru - you hear so much of Peru being a third world country and this city couldn't be any richer than it is, its a shame really but they have built it, it's very commercialised and very American but to the rest of Peru it's a shame the money should be spread among the rest! 

Or Cambodia - you seen from the eye, they didn't try to hide the poverty, children coming up to you for money for their mums, and in actual fact you were like I'm not giving you money I'll go and get you food but your better off giving them

Money as they get so much more for it than what the tourist get! I was very touched with visiting Cambodia.


11. Where wouldn't you return? 

There's not many places I would say I wouldn't visit again as I believe it's what you make of it. 

 crotone in Italy - there's just nothing there! 


12. Do you have any travel regrets? 

When your not happy being somewhere or doing something but you continue because your in your comfort zone.


13. Have you made a travel lifelong friend?

This make me smile 😀, I've made a lifelong family and so nice when you haven't seen or heard from them

For a while and it's like we've never been apart! 


14.Have you fallen in love on your travels?

Fallen in love with places I've visited but still looking for love ❤️ 


15. What is your favourite travel photograph?

16. What was your longest flight?

23 hours - London to Australia 


17. Where do you think you will settle? 

I've always said I would settle abroad and never in the UK. But that may differ, I worked overseas for 7 years and came home a year ago and I haven't looked back, I love my job and can still travel lots.


18. Do you think you will ever stop travelling? 

I definately have the travel bug and I don't plan to stop anytime soon and I'm sure when I'm not here my soul will still travel far and wide! 


19. What is your favourite travel quote?

This is a hard one! 

TRAVELLING - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller or maybe 

Live, travel, adventure, Bless and don't be sorry 


20. What piece of advice would you give to a new traveller?

Research, pack your bags & don't look back. You will come back a more confident & independent person but most of all make sure you enjoy, have fun - life's one big adventure! 


Name: Lucy Simpson

Blog or Occupation: Passenger Service Supervisor, Edinburgh Airport

Location: Glenrothes, Scotland





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