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Our Travel Essentials

July 8, 2018

Packing is always a drama for us. Dani is terrible and still has her mum helping her to pack when coming back to work!!! I’m a little bit more organised but there is always something that is forgotten. We can cope with missing a toothbrush or our favourite comfy pants but there are some things that are essential and we can’t do without.


Here we share 9 of our travel must’s with you


1. Skyroam Hotspot

We are always searching for WIFI…ALWAYS!!! Not only to keep our followers updated but to keep in touch with family and friends. Especially when working on ships the first thing the majority of crew do is head ashore searching for WIFI, but with Skyroam there is no need.


Skyroam provides internet in so many places, simply switch it on and you’re ready to go. This nifty gadget also doubles as a power bank.

Use the code ‘ BONVOYTRAVELERS’ to get 10% off your order. Click here to get connected




2. GroPro Hero 5

Anyone that follows our Instagram knows how much we love photography. We have work our way through 3 Gopro's so far and for us the Hero 5 is the best. It's easy to use, the quality is perfect and its affordable.




3. GoPro dome

If we are going anywhere with a beach the dome comes with us. If you havent heard of the dome yet it's a dome that creates a smooth half in half out photo in the water, the kind of picture you think 'how did they do that?' yep that’s the dome.


We wanted a dome for months but it seemed difficult to get our hands on, once we got it, honestly it took some getting used to. The trick is to make sure the sunlight is directly behind the camera. Once you get the technique you can get some really cool pictures. There are lots of different models depending on your camera, have a look at Amazon for more info.


4. JBL speaker

This comes everywhere with us, EVERYWHERE. Dani is obsessed with music, if she's awake, the music is on. This speaker is light and loud, inside or outside it comes in handy. We have a couple of models because of Dani's obsession.



5. Canon 1300D

This year we bought our first DSLR, this was something I had wanted for a while but there are so many cameras out there, how do you pick a good one? Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm the list goes on. Then once you pick a camera you have to think about the lens!!! We love photography but we are not techies and we don't know half of the lingo. We searched many blogs hoping to be inspired but there was no common camera or even brand, everyone had a different opinion.


So how did we decide? One of our friends had just returned from a safari and the photos were INCREDIBLE!!! A simple what camera did you use? and our decision was made, the Cannon 1300D. We aren't disappointed with the choice, we have got some great quality photos that you just can't get with a Gopro.



6. Our Vincov Camera case

Now we had our beautiful camera we need protection!!! Vincov have a unique selection of  vintage camera accessories, cases and bags. The only problem with Vincov is actually choosing what you want, their retro collection is to die for and we really could buy one of everything. Our camera case it's just beautiful, don't you agree? Its great protection and the easy clips make it easy to use at a pop of a button. Click here to check out their beautiful products.


7. Packing Cubes

As I mentioned I am the organised one of the two of us and I don't travel without my packing cubes. Whether we are backpacking or travelling back to the ship its so much more organised and this way I know exactly were everything is, (its always amusing watching dani rumage through her bag for 'that white tshirt'). There are plenty of different cubes available, we got ours from one of our onboard shops but just jump on Amazon for a nosey.



8. Surface Pro 4 laptop

I have always carried a laptop with me, plus the tablet when I had one. But when travelling lots, lugging round all the technical gear can become a bore. That’s when I discovered the Surface Pro, a lightweight laptop that also serves as a tablet, and comes with a nifty little pen which of course I lost and have yet to replace. Absolutely perfect for me, it’s a good size for watching movies and it light enough to carry in a handbag. I got this beauty a couple of years ago and they have a few newer versions out now but check the weight of the new ones I have heard they aren’t as travel friendly as the Surface Pro 4.




9. Fujifilm Instax Mini

For our anniversary this year Dani got me our first Instax Mini and I love it. It’s such a great way to capture the funniest moments with friends. It’s not often that we print photos so it’s a great way to collect our memories. Refilling the film can be expensive but it’s worth it. Plus they have some very pretty colours to chose from.


I am sure by the end of the year the list will have been extended by a few more gadgets. I would love to get a Drone, but Dani is being the responsible one and says no for now. Watch this space I will have a Drone!!!


We would love to hear from you, what can you not travel without? Do you use any of our suggestions? Let us know.




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