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Daniela Poveda Perdomo

October 11, 2017

Daniela, part of Bon Voyage Travelers has started ticking off many places around the globe. Working on cruise ships means she gets to see different places everyday. From Sicily to Brazil hear what advise she has to give. 


1. What’s your best travel experience?

I was 18 years old and it was my first trip as a tourist guide, I worked within social tourism in Colombia. We took a group of 50 elderly people who had never visited the sea before to Buritaca, Colombia in the Caribbean. It was magical to see people who have been suffering their whole life enjoying the sea like small children.


2. What’s your worst travel experience?

My journey back from Machu Picchu. The whole day was beautiful, visiting a wonder of the world but all good things come to an end and we had to make our way back to Cusco. We booked a mini bus back from Hidroelectrica, once we arrived we realised something was wrong as a lot of tourists were standing around. After talking with another group, they explained that local villagers were protesting which included blocking the roads to Machu Picchu. A lot of tourist buses were unable to make it back to Hidroelectrica but our bus was luckly and made it to collect us. So, we started the journey, which we believed would be 4 hours; it turned into 16. After 4 road blocks, a tourist trying to steal a truck, the police ignoring the situation, sleeping in the road and a girl with diarrhoea in our mini van we made it back to Cusco. That 16-hour journey sadly took away what should have been a great memory from.  


3. What’s the most unusual food you have tasted?

I haven’t really tasted any unusual foods, probably because I love the animals too much.


4. Where should we visit next? 

Ilha Grande in Brazil. It’s a paradise away from reality. Its safe, there are no cars, everyone is relaxed. When your there make sure you visited Lopez Mendez, it’s one of the best beaches I have seen.


5. Where is the best place you’ve visited?

Tortola in the Caribbean. The people are nice, its green and they have an amazing beach, Cane Gardens, every time the ship docked here I rushed to this beach.



6. Where do you want to visit next?

I would like to visit Asia, especially Vietnam.


7. How did you start to travel?

I started to travel when I volunteered with the Red Cross, we used to travel around the country visiting poor regions of Colombia to teach them various things.


 8. What’s your favourite beach?

Lopez Mendez, Ilha Grande in Brazil. Just beautiful.



9. What’s you most embarrassing travel story?

I don’t have one 


10. What place took you by surprise? 

Taormina, Sicily, me and Danielle went on an excursion from the ship. We picked it because it was short and it meant we could have a sleep before work. It was an incredible place. So beautiful, we will definitely return here.




11. Where wouldn't you return? 

Ecuador, I have been twice and both times I didn’t enjoy it. There’s a few reason but if you know me I’m a foodie and I found the food unappealing.


12. Do you have any travel regrets? 

When we were travelling around South America we got to La Paz in Bolivia, we were tired so decided to head back to Colombia and continue our journey another time. We were so close to the Salt Flats in Uyuni but we didn’t do it. Looking back now we should have picked ourselves up and at least completed the flats.


13. Have you made a travel lifelong friend?

Yes, my love Danielle Rowley


14. Have you fallen in love on your travels?

Yes with Danielle 


15. What is your favourite travel photograph?

​​One of the best sunsets I've seen in Santa Marta, Colombia.



16. What was your longest flight?

When I was flying back from Croatia to Cali. The flight took me Dubrovik to Zagreb, Zagreb to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Panama City and Panama City to Cali.


17. Where do you think you will settle? 

Cali, Colombia


18. Do you think you will ever stop travelling? 

No never.


19. What is your favourite travel quote?

It’s not the destination it’s the journey.


20. What piece of advice would you give to a new traveller?

You won’t use half of what you pack.


Name: Daniella Poveda Perdomo

Blog or Occupation: www.bonvoyagetravelers.com

Location: Cali, Colombia


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