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10 Places We Want To Visit

February 6, 2017


We are constantly talking about where’s next and it’s a tough decision. As we are both working we only have a 2-3-month break at once where we can squeeze in a real adventure. Our first idea is hardly never where we end up as there’s too much out there to decide on. Reading other blogs and travel magazines plus watching travel programmes it’s hard not to get inspired. So, here’s the next 10 places we want to visit.


1. Taj Mahal, India

Now I have already been here, but as we are a team and it’s at the top of Dani’s list then it makes the top of our combined list. With rumours that the wonder of the world won’t be open to the public in a few years’ time we need to get there quick.


2. Chichen Itza, Mexico

Only a 3-hour flight from Dani’s home town, Mexico is quickly becoming our next stop. We haven’t had a relaxing holiday together yet, we are always running around like crazy ladies. So, Mexico will give us relaxing, white sand beaches, some history with Chichen Itza, somewhere to explore like Xcaret and maybe we can squeeze in a tequila shot at Plaza Garibaldi. Mexico, we are coming for you.


3. Northern Lights, Finland

Obviously, there is no guarantee that we will see the lights wherever we visit but it’s worth the try, right? Most of you will have seen the famous glass igloos in Finland, yeah that’s where we will be.  


4. Do a Safari, Africa

Who doesn’t want to do this?! We are both animal lovers so this would be the perfect holiday for us. Staying above the tree tops and seeing beautiful animals in their natural habitat, so exciting.


5. Visit the States, USA

Neither of us have been to the US, surprisingly. I like to visit places that are completely out of my comfort zone with different cultures, foods, languages that said we feel like we need to explore the US. Where should we start? New York and Vegas are high on our lists but we would also love to drive around as much as we could.


6. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Israel

I am clearly a very considerate person as this is another place I have been lucky enough to have already visited, but Dani hasn’t. Jerusalem is up at the top of my best visited places. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was a magical place for me, I am not religious but the emotion felt here is unbelievable, so its somewhere I must take Dani.


7. Temples of Mankind, Italy

Dani doesn’t know I’ve added this to our list, but it looks so beautiful, we have to go. I recently watched another bloggers video visiting this beautiful temple, I had never heard of it before and asking around a few of my travel friends nor had they. A hidden gem that we need to explore.


8. The Great Wall of China, China

Most travellers want to tick off the 7 wonders of the world, I only have 2 to go and the wall is one, so we have to visit.


9. Swimming with turtles, Barbados

Something we should have done in 2016 but Dani’s work meant we missed out, something I always remind her of. So now she owes me and we have to go again. Being in Barbados every week for 5 months meant we saw plenty of photos of friends getting up close and personal with the turtles. One day we will get the chance.


10. Bring Dani to my homeland, UK

Not only because I would love Dani to see where I live but also because I don’t explore my country enough. Most of us don’t. 2016 was the first time I visited Scotland, what is that about? So, Dani coming to the UK would give me no excuse but to explore more.


If you have any advice on what else we should do in these destinations or you think there’s somewhere we should visit, we would love to know, get in touch.


Bon Voyage



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